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Hanging Nero by minism Hanging Nero :iconminism:minism 2 1 Nero Vahagn: Final Copy by minism Nero Vahagn: Final Copy :iconminism:minism 3 3 Nero Vahagn: incomplete doodle by minism Nero Vahagn: incomplete doodle :iconminism:minism 3 0
Understanding Ch 2 - Ticci Toby x Reader
A/N: Hey, it's been a while, but here's the second installment of my Ticci Toby x reader. Enjoy~.
Chapter 2 - -
  "(Y/n), come down for breakfast dear." Looking up at her clock, she groaned and pulled herself out of bed; putting on pants, a bra, and her brand new ankle brace. Yay. "Coming, mom.." Rubbing her eyes, she yawned and walked down the stairs.
  Reaching the kitchen, she looked up to see a plate of your traditional every day breakfast. "Thanks, mom." She said, sitting down and taking a bite of her eggs. "No problem sweetie, you know, I've been thinking. You should make friends." (Y/n) put down her fork for a moment and looked at the back of her mother's head blankly.
  As if anyone would want to be my friend. "I wish," she half-laughed and bit into a piece of toast. Her mom poured her a cup of orange juice and rolled her eyes. "Oh come on, (Y/n), you're such a catch. You just haven't met the right crowd yet."
  "Mom, alright, I'll try to make friends
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Reaching Out To You - Soma Schicksal x Reader
A/N: Hey, who's been watching the new god eater anime? If you haven't, do it. You scrub. Anywho, this is just going to be a one-shot but if I feel like it, I'll make a series out of it. Image does not belong to me.
 "Hey, newbie," raising her head, her (color) eyes met steely grey ones. "you're day dreaming on the job." Meet Soma, a total buzzkill with an emo attitude.
 "Sorry I have a thought process. Maybe you should get one," she fired back, her eyes narrowing. He snarled and rolled his eyes, moving a piece of his white/silver hair out of his tanned face.
  "Whatever, just stay out of the way if you're going to be a nuisance." They had been paired together for a mission. No one else, just them. He was supposed to show her the ropes, but instead he's been doing everything himself.
  "You're the one not doing your job," continuing the argument, she retorted, "Lindow said specifically you're the one who's supposed to show
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Understanding - Ticci Toby x Reader Chapter 1
A/n: I'm sorry that I'm late again. Jeez I'm slow. Anywho here's your next story. Also violence/abuse warning for this chapter! Not very heavy torture or anything, but it may cause triggers, so don't say I didn't warn any of you! ALSO PICTURE DOES NOT BELONG TO ME C:
Chapter 1
  Panting. Terrified eyes. Sweat running down her face. "(NAME)!!" Keep running. Dodge the trees. Try to escape. "(NAME)!!!" Please, don't trip, she thought. It was reaching dusk; the worst time in the world to be running from a psychotic man.
  Her step-father was right on her heels with a belt in his hand, "(NAME) IF YOU DO NOT SLOW DOWN I WILL KILL YOU." As if that's convincing.. (Name) thought to herself. Running in socks down through a creepy dark forest was every girl's ideal evening, right?
  Suddenly, she tripped over a risen tree root. "Ow!" She cried in pain, "Oh god.. no..." Unable to even move her right foot, she was left powerless as her asshole of a step-dad purposefully
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Thief Garrett x Reader Chapter 13
A/N: W-wowwww... been a while huh? Eheh..
Your POV-
Waking up was the biggest trouble for her. "Mmm..." Wiping her eyes, she felt warmth all around her and she smiled. Until, however, that warmth moved and quite literally enveloped her.
"W-Wha?" Blinking a few times, she noticed the warmth she was holding(or was now on her) wasn't her blankets. It was her boyfriend. Stark naked.
Suddenly, she remembered everything from the night before and her face turned a crimson red. "G-garrett.. wake uppp.." "Ngh." He barely responded, his eyes shut tight. From this angle, she could see every little silver scar on his face.
For some reason, that made her sad. Stroking his cheek with her hand, she looked at him with doe eyes, gently pushing her lips on his neck. "Garrett.." She called again, her voice muffled against his skin.
"I'm up, I'm up.." He groaned, impatiently pushing himself away from her. He flopped down beside her and rubbed his face. "Good morning," he mumbled under his hands.
Laying he
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Nameless Woman Sketch by minism Nameless Woman Sketch :iconminism:minism 3 0 If Garrett Was a Cat by minism If Garrett Was a Cat :iconminism:minism 6 1
Mature content
THIEF Garrett x Reader Ch 12 :iconminism:minism 26 11
Mature content
THIEF Garrett x Reader Ch 11 :iconminism:minism 20 5
THIEF Garrett x Reader Ch 10
A/N: Warning, slightly lemon-ish. Note, due to house renovations, I can't get to my PS4 so I can't finish the game yet. Not until the room is cleaned out and I can get to it. Please don't be too mad if I don't follow the storyline.
Your POV-
She was hanging out at Garrett's clock tower. Laying on his bed, she was reading a book he had; somewhat bored.
He, in thief fashion, walked in the room without her noticing. "Hello, ____." Garrett said, sitting down beside her.
"H-hi." ___ said, sitting up slightly; trying to fix her clothes. He smiled and leaned against her shoulder, his fingers ghosting around her arms, down until he grabbed her hand.
"You seem nervous, love." How was he always so calm? "It's just us.." She said, flushing. "It's always been just us." He laid his head on his shoulder and inhaled her scent.
She smelled like vanilla, for some reason; though he wasn't complaining. His fingers tangled in her hair and she stiffened. Her hair was wild, but soft.
"This is different.. n-
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THIEF Garrett x Reader Ch 9
A/N: Hey, sorry about the delays. I had to catch up on school work and things. Sorry guys. By the way, I've been reading a book called "Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell. I think most of you would like it. If you're interested, look it up. - Mini
Garrett's POV-
He did it again. Kissed her on lips. Again. Why didn't he have the ability to resist the temptation that she made him feel?
Smooth, like porcelain. Her lips were small, but not too small. Light pink, and so so very soft. He would know. Maybe he was in denial?
Unsure of himself, he did a few odd jobs to try to keep his mind off of her. He didn't need her on his mind right now; too many important things going on for him to be worried about a girl.
-- Time skip --
He found himself at her door step. Sighing, he knocked on her door; awaiting to see her. "Go away." Her voice was dry and cracking, unusually so.
"No can do, ____. Open the door." Silence. Waiting for her to come to the door, he sat for a few minutes patiently before he rolled h
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Becoming Happy
Running mascara down flushed cheeks
Choked sobs and silent pleas
Dark thoughts with rope and thread
Always wanting to be dead
Avoiding the mirror
Refusing to look at the horror
Her ugly body and 'love handles'
Trying to be happy, nothing else
A poor girl with a sadness in her heart
Never going to be as pretty as she'd want
But what is this? A smiling boy
Who doesn't treat her like a broken toy
He treasured her and treated her well
Loving her like no one else
Her bitter and tear-filled heart
He had given her a fresh start
No longer sad, no longer crying
No more longing to be dying
No more voices in her head
Telling her 'you're fat, you're stupid, everyone wishes you were dead.'
She found someone who wanted her for who she was
Someone who gave her a life of love
Becoming happy, it was hard to achieve
But now she lives, like she's in a dream
I love you Raeden.
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THIEF Garrett x Reader Ch 8
A/N: Yus.
Garrett's POV-
He knew not what propelled him to want to kiss her. Rubbing his temples, he groaned softly and sat in his chair; staring at the plans to find the Baron.
||Time skip, after meeting with the Baron||
His thoughts swarmed his mind as he put his head in his hands. ____. Erin. His existence. Basso. It was too much. He didn't know what to think of it all.
Sighing in frustration, he decided to blow off some steam, and then apologize to ____ once again. ||Another time skip. cos fuk it.||
He knocked on her door. He had to see her. And when she opened the door, he smiled under his cowl. She had her hair neatly groomed and her skin no longer had dark circles.
"Hello, G-Garrett." She said, a small blush tinted on her cheeks. "Hello. Mind if I come in?" His eyes pierced hers and she sheepishly looked away.
"Mhm.." Moving out of the way, he walked in and she shut the door. "What is it you nee-" He slammed her against the door and feverishly pushed his lips into hers.
She sque
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THIEF Garrett x Reader Ch 7
A/N: So it's been a few days... anddd. Yeah.
Garrett's POV-
It's been a few days since he's checked up on ____. Although he just finished leaving the asylum which left him with many questions and regrets, he knew his priority should be getting Erin out.
But.. ____. She haunts his mind. He had to see her first. It was a constant need, an addiction, to see her. He didn't know why.
Knocking on her door, he saw a groggy female open the door; hair like a lion's mane and dark circles deeply etched on her delicate face.
"Hello..? O-oh! Garrett.." She said, looking to him in surprise. "Hello." He stated simply, returning her stare, his eyes giving the same intensity to his look as ever.
"Would you like to come in?" He nodded, looking around and seeing a watchman close. "Please?" He asked, before she nodded and side-stepped to allow him in.
"Lovely as ever." "You've been in my house..?" She furrowed her eyebrows, giving him this questioning look. "Merely a statement." He replied, a devious smil
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So, I have a problem called "not updating/vanishing". Mainly because I spend most of my time with my boyfriend and totally forget about my stories. (Cuddling moments in the stories are inspired by him cough cough cough). Plus I'm now a freshman in highskool (I'm 14, people. I was just too young to join when I did.) But yeah. I updated. So.. all good? o n o


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